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February 06
Los Angeles
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Lunchtime Interlude with Mario Carlos


Elbow Deep Horse Cock DOUBLE WIDE up to the nipples ASS STRETCHING with Teddy Hunter!

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I love Teddy Hunter - he is nice (but not TOO nice) and fun in and out of the bedroom. He was persistant af that we do a shoot and so i finally said LETS DO IT (ive gotten used to being BEHIND the camera!)

..and when the time was here i was SO READY

Big ol horse cock to get me open for his HUGE hand and arms. A litteral bucket of lube to keep in action. Some off cam making out and fucking was really sexy

We will be doing more of this but for now enjoy the nipples deep BUTT FFUCK

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Dyn0 + FFinalFantasy PREVIEW

I met @FFinalFantasy in Mexico while we were both on holiday. He recognized my tattoo and came over to say hello. Sadly we couldnt get into holes that trip but we kept in touch and connected when he came to Los Angeles.
Such a great and sexy guy! first of 2 and dont mind me if I go first thanks...

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Ffun @fist_fest with Big E

That time I hung out with Hogan and Cory after the gym..

PREVIEW of that time I hung out with Hogan and Cory after the gym..

love it big and deep big dick, bigger dildo bigger hands an muscled forearms.. its perfectly FFilling

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first date with Mario Carlos


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